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We, at Glen Tanner Land Surveying , hope you will have fun reading and enjoy this short story written for your entertainment.

Could Have But Didn`t

As a surveyor,I have come across ,been put and seen a many a strange thing, whenever things are bad and it seems I`ve got the short end of the stick, I think about what my helper said one summer,"It Could Have Bit Me, But Didn`t".
It came about one day when my helper and I pull up to do a survey job at a house with a dog. When we first got there neither one of us saw a dog, as my helper look for corners out front, I started to the backyard, upon arrival at the backyard gate, I notice some tell tell signs of a dog, dog poop. At this time I did what all good surveyors do, I raddle the the gate and whistled.
Next thing I know here comes a collie cross dog, tearing around the corner of the house, foaming at the mouth, teeth showing and raising some kind of hell. as the collie cross and I were having a stare down, I was trying to figure out how I was going to get in the back yard, everytime I steped toward the gate the dog did to, grawling, showing it`s teeth. Having own several dogs, I know some dogs mean it when they bark, most don`t.
So I went back to my work truck and got a three foot wooden survey stake out of the workbox and went back to the gate. Upon ariving the gate, the dog gladly met me grawling and barking, I proceeded to stick the three foot stake thru one of the holes in the chain link fence to see what it might do, next thing I know the collie cross has a hold on the end that wood stake shaking it for every thing it is worth, after few second, which seemed like ten minute the dog let go ,backed up and started to bark again. Well, I thought to myself on to plan "B". What is plan"B", as I had said before over the years I`ve owned alot of dogs and dog either listen to and have only one boss or they will listen to anyone they think means what they say,even a stranger. I took the three foot wood stake in my hand, leaned over the gate, pointing at the collie cross I said; you better go lay down before I take this stake to your ass and I shook it at the dog. THe collie cross foaming at the mouth,grawling and barking, stepped in my direction. I said even louder; I told you to go lay down and I mean it NOW and I stepped toward the dog shaking my wooden stake, about that time the collie cross went and layed down. Cautiously, I walked into the backyard as the collie cross eyed me making my way around the yard doing my job. All of a sudden when the collie cross realized it had me cornered and I couldn`t get to the gate, it jumped up and charged. Wasn`t any place to run so I turned and faced the collie cross, as it came looping at me full speed. reach me at what seemed to be at the speed of light, commence to walk around me sniffing my feet,legs and knees with the force of a vacum cleaner. After what felt like an eternity the dog went back and layed down, I went on about my job.
My helper by now had finish locating corners out front and had approached the backyard gate, where the collie cross met him foaming at the mouth teeth showing, grawling and barking, so I went over to the gate an told the dog to go lay down and told my helper to;"Come on in,if the dog give you any trouble just tell it to go lay down", I turned,walked away and will doing so I notice the dog sniffing my helper`s leg. In the blink of an eye that collie crosss heisted it`s rear leg up in the air, were it proceeded to pee all over the front of his pants leggs. I yelled at my helper,"Eric, that dog is pissing on your leg. Eric never moved, you would have thought he had turned into marble. I yelled agian,"Eric the dog is peeing on your leggs. Eric never moved as the collie cross continued to sniff and pee as he made a complete 360 degrees around Eric hosing him down like a fireman would a fire.Once the dog made one flinal circle it agresivley scratched the ground with it`s hind leg and walked off.
Eric came over to where I stood, pants dripping, boots soaked. I looked at him asking," Eric why did you let that dog pee all over you, he replyed " It could have bit me but dibn`t" So after that whenever I Think that I have been given the short end of the stick or the world is pissing on me I think about what my helper said:"IT COULD HAVE BIT ME BUT IT DIDN`T"

Have a great day and a great week.
PLH (Peace, Love & Happiness)
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