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Questions and answers for Land Surveying, Property Surveys, Property Corners, Boundary Surveys, Lot Surveys.
This is a list of questions that have been typicaly asked of Glen Tanner Land Surveying by property owners, hope these Q & A will be helpful and interesting.

Questions And Answers


Why do I need a Boundary or Lot Survey?


Is that wooden stake my Property Corner?


Who owns the property between my Property Line and the street or road,do I own it?


Do All Public Streets Or Roads Have A Deeded Right-Of-Way?


Does an Alabama Land Surveyor have the Right to enter my property without My Permission?**


Do I Have The Right To Block Or Put Up A Gate across An Existing Road Or Drive Going Thru My Property to stop usage?


Does A Surveyor Have To Give Me A Drawing OR A Map of Survey After Surveying My Property Or Property Lines?


When a survey is for a Closing or Mortgage on my house or property, do I own the Drawing or Map Of Survey?


Are Wetlands Important?

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