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Land Surveying involves all Types Of Surveys, often referred to as Boundary Survey, Land Survey, Mortgage Survey, Lot Survey, Property Survey or a Topographical Survey. We have tried to put together a list of the most common Types Of Surveys and their Definitions to better help you understand surveying and how it works.

Types Of Surveys and Definitions


Boundary, Land, Lot or Property Survey: A "Boundary Survey" also known as "Land Survey", "Lot Survey" or "Property Survey" is a survey to locate and determine the property line or perimeter and establish or re-establish corners, monuments and boundary lines for the purpose of describing and locating fixed improvements, platting or subdividing a parcel of land and preparing a description of land or parcels.

Closing, Loan, Mortgage Survey: A "Closing Survey" also known as "Loan Survey" or "Mortgage Survey" is a survey used to secure a mortgage loan on a residence, building or property.

Control Survey: A survey that provides either horizontal , vertical position, or both with monumentation and data to control or support a subordinate survey, for mapping or a reference for other surveys.

As Built Survey, or Record Survey: A survey that obtains, or documents horizontal and vertical dimensional data as required to locate and delineate construction improvements.

Topographical Survey: A survey of the natural,artificial, or selected man-made features and elevations of a portion of the earth`s surface by using sensing, ground measurements or both used in perparing a map.

Construction Staking or Layout Survey: Measurements made prior or during construction to provide line, grade, horizontal position, elevation control, dimensions, and configuration for construction purposes.

Hydrographical Survey: A survey defining shorelines and depth of lakes, streams, reservoirs, oceans or any body of water and, may also contain the configuration of bottom, directions and forces of currents, height, times and water stages, it may also show location of fixed objects used for surveying and navigation purposes.

Mining Survey: A survey performed above and below the earth surface for the exploration of mineral and energy resources, along with the guiding of tunnels and other mining associated operations.

Geodetic Survey: A survey of areas and points affected by and taking into account the curvature of the earth and astronomic observations.

Quantity Survey: A survey intended for the purpose of obtaining measurements of quantity.

Easement, Right-of-Way Survey: A survey in which the purpose is to obtain specific rights into property for private or public use.

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