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Whether getting A Boundary Or Land Survey in Montgomery, Prattville, Wetumpka, Tuskegee, or any part of Alabama, there are several reasons to have a Boundary Survey or Land Survey performed by a Professional Alabama Land Surveyor, the most important reason is to protect your new investment. Listed below are just a few reasons to get a new up to date Survey.

Getting A Boundary Survey Or Land Survey?


A Few Reasons To Have A Boundary or Land Survey!

  • First and foremost reason to have a Boundary Survey or Land Survey, it is the only way to know what you have purchased.
  • To Know where your property corners are located.
  • To help protect you from encroachments or possession against your property and Title Insurance Policy.
  • To identify any encroachments by adjacent property owners such as driveways,fences or structures on or across the property line.
  • To show location and relation of structures, fences, driveways, and etc. to the property line, building line and platted easements.
  • To show easements provided by Title Company or A Closing Attorney such as water, gas, or fiber optics that may be in an abstract or of public record.
  • Locate any drainage ways, power lines, telephone lines, telephone or cable pedestals that may cross or be located on the property.
  • To let you know if there is a difference in your deed or plat and what the property lines actually measure.
  • To ensure that any new structures built on the property are within property lines, setback or building lines and out of easements.

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