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We, at Glen Tanner Land Surveying , hope you will have fun reading and enjoy this short story written for your entertainment.

Working With Your Wife

Over the years I have been asked, How Do You Work With Your Wife? 33 years of practice, out of 33 years of marriage, only 7 1/2 years we haven`t worked together. Let me explain it to you.
It was starting to become a bad day and I was getting on the help pretty good that day, and who is the help, my wife Jennie. We were over half through the day working and as she says, "HE`S DONE GOT BENT!"
The old mans who`s house we were surveying came out the front where I was just finishing looking for property corners and was headed to the backyard , to find Jennie, she was in the back yard measuring the house. The old man ask,"How long have you been married to the lady in the back yard?" I replied,"About 10 years, how did you know we were married, did she tell you?"
"No",answered the old man,"Only a wife would talk about a man the way she is talking about you." I looked at him with a grin and said, "Thanks for the warning, I`ll hang out in the front yard a little longer." The old man grinned back, nodded his head, and went back in his house.
So, I patiently sat in the front yard, on the tail gate of the truck until she came looking for me, by then she had gotten over her problem, I thought she had.
Well, that evening she was preparing supper, in the kitchen humming and a singing. I`m thinking to myself, she must be cooking something really good. Later on Jennie cried out,"Supper is almost ready, pour up some tea and sit down", "All I got to do is put it on the plates." I poured up the tea and sat down waiting on what I thought was going to be a delicious meal.
Jennie walked in with my plate, just a whistling and placed my dinner in front of me. To my surprise, it was dinner like I have never seen before. With a stupid look on my face, I asked," What is this?" "Dinner", she replied, as she walked away.


"Dinner", I remarked, as I stared down at my plate trying to figure out just what I was looking at. It appeared to be beans, fish sticks and fries. You noticed I said, "Appeared to be." The beans weren‘t baked beans or refried beans, they were burnt beans, I mean BURNT.The fries were so dry and tuff, I had to cut them with a steak knife, then I still couldn`t chew them. Now that still leaves what I think are fish sticks, I said,"Think." They were long and had a dark brown, not quite blackish appearence, so hard a fork would not go in them and my steak knife wouldn`t even cut them. I proceeded to pick one up and bite it, boy that was a mistake. Little bits and pieces went flying everywhere. My teeth were grinding what felt like and sounded in my head like concrete, as I continued to stare down, at what I thought were fish sticks. To my astonishment, they are as hollow as a pan flute, a couple of holes in the right place you could have played them. Not a piece of fish in them, I mean not a piece, the fish had TOTALLY disintegrated.
I looked up from my plate,wiping the crumbs from my mouth and moustache, taking a large swallow of tea to wash down the grit I had in my mouth. I turned in her direction, not wanting to make matters worse, saying,"Babe these fish sticks are a little crispy." The next thing I know she reaches over saying," Here is you some ketchup to dip them in you SOB",as she slammed down a large bottle of ketchup, "Tomorrow maybe you will lay off the help."
After that day and untill this one, I DON`T PISS OFF THE HELP AFTER
3:00 O’CLOCK
, she will burn my supper. She always said she would fix me supper, she never said I would able to eat it. Now days she won't let me even drive when we‘re out working, well that’s a different story for another day, till next time.

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